Defending Life In The Womb

  • Course level: Beginner

About Course

Pro-Life Study Series - Multi-Week Series with Discussion Guide. This five week video series will walk you through abortion in Canada, the Christian response, and how together we can save the lives of pre-born children.


Generation Brave is offering this online course through Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR). It is a 5 week course for our youth ages 13 and up and parents.

Starts Jan.25, 7:30 for 5 weeks

Cost-20.00, or it is included with Brave Girls Membership

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CCBR is a national educational pro-life organization whose goal is to make abortion unthinkable in Canada. We seek to change the way our culture views abortion through street outreach, exposing the reality of abortion, and providing  compassionate and compelling defense for the pre-born.

Additionally, CCBR equips pro-lifers with the conversation tools and experience they need to make a difference in  heir community.

We believe that activated Christians can make a significant impact in our culture, and hope that we can be part of  our church’s or community’s journey to bring the message of life to those who need to hear it most.

What Will I Learn?

  • Become a leader in defending the vulnerable.
  • Learn how past movements have changed the world.

Topics for this course

5 Lessons10h

A Pro-Life Study Series?

The goal of this series is to provide your group or community with professional training combined with educational content, and a guide to engaging small group discussions. Many Christians are not fully aware of the reality of the injustice of abortion in our country. They are unaware that Canada stands alone in the western world as the only country with no legal restrictions on abortion. Further, many people believe abortions are rarely performed, when, statistically, nearly 300 children are killed by abortion every day. Today, to be a “pro-life Christian” is to be the minority, and therefore Christians must be informed and equipped, not only to defend their position clearly and articulately when challenged, but also to intentionally share it with their peers. This series will provide the tools necessary to engage Christians and non-Christians alike on this challenging subject by exploring the Biblical, philosophical, and scientific defense of the pro-life position. The study will focus on five topics: 1. Abortion in Canada & Why Christians Must Act 2. Can Our Culture Actually Change? 3. Pro-life 101: Communicating the Pro-Life Position 4. Pro-life 201: Communicating the Pro-Life Position 5. Loving Our Pre-Born Neighbours Educated and empowered Christians can make a huge impact on our culture. We are excited to be part of your church’s mission to bring the message of life to all those in your church, neighbourhood, and city who desperately need to hear it. 2 Study Overview
Session One: Abortion in Canada & Why Christians Must Act
Session Two: Can Our Culture Actually Change?
Session Three: Pro-Life 101: Communicating the Pro-Life Position
Session Four: Pro-Life 201: Communicating the Pro-Life Position
Session Five: Loving Our Pre-Born Neighbors

Material Includes

  • Digital workbook, and soft cover workbook.

Target Audience

  • Ages 13 and up.